A Concerned Fan

May 16, 2008

Dear New Kids on the Block,


I recently heard word of a possible reunion. You performed on a morning show (watch here). I must say, you are as tight as ever. I just really hope you maintain your artistic integrity. Since 1988 you have been pounding out the hits and it would be such a heart break to see you “sell out”. I know that term has been over-used in modern music. Really though, don’t sell out, we need that grass roots organized dance-pop now more than ever.


Also, if you could possibly work with Mark Wahlberg on bringing back Marky Mark that would be great.


Your Fan Forever,

Josh Mickelson




  1. Fierce. Hot mess. Hot tranny mess.

  2. trannies for the win.

  3. HA! Tiff called me screaming this morning to turn on the TV. We are going to their concert…wanna come?

    They did not sell out by the way…they are back and better than EVER!~

  4. sure! Hopefully I can get them to sign my man-boobs, then have it tattooed on.

  5. that clip made me so happy. i was a 13 year old girl all over again, screaming, “i love you jordan!”

  6. I KNOW! I came into work and it was blasting. Apparently, it was a big deal at the office. Except to Carl. He huddled in the corner with his little cat fur blanket, cowering. I had no explanation for him. I said, “Maybe they wanted to get a hold on the horrible mash-ups of their songs before somebody else did.” Carl took the day off work.

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