Morning Prayers

May 20, 2008

For some reason, the first 5 minutes of my morning are always the clearest part of my day. It’s like all of the raw emotions and feelings I cover up are exposed and bare before my Maker.


At 6:31am I lied there with sunlight creeping in between the shades. The wall was a golden glow. I said “Lord I miss you” earnestly. Those words were simple enough to re-activate my spirit. Sometimes, we get so caught up in life, we forget that God is the reason we are going through these motions. I don’t care if you have been a Christian for 40 years or 40 hours, it happens to everyone. It feels good to lie there, exposed and naked, having an honest conversation with my Father. I encourage you all to take time every day to engage and ground yourself in the reality of Jesus.


  1. I need to try this, though doing anything when it’s raining outside is hard for me. But seriously, this is probably sound advice for a person like myself. I try to wake up (meaning the 25 minutes after I get up whilst showering, etc) to pray for the people I love. I’ve recently learned the importance of stillness and quietness and this would be a good way to practice that.

  2. Josh – David called it in Psalm 5, there is nothing like morning prayer. Especially the type that takes us out of our comfort zone of our own comfy beds. The most beautiful times I’ve ever had with God were those before the sun rises.

  3. Thanks Paul. I actually just read through your blog posts. I don’t know why I didn’t earlier. You touched on a lot of subjects I am curious about. Anyway, I hope you keep up the Biblical side of your blog so I can ask questions, haha.

  4. i have said the words “lord, i miss you” in some really lonely times when i was so far from God. It is amazing how those words spoken out loud make us reconnect so naturally to Him. He is good to us.

  5. so…you’re telling us that you sleep naked??

    Just kidding. I think this is awesome that you feel this way when you get up. I dont…I wake up cursing that I have to get up – maybe I should just try to lay there and get my thoughts right before moving. It’s usually about 9:00 am when I’m eating eggs and bacon that I reflect on how awesome God is.

  6. Josh, I encourage you to check out
    Dr. Groothuis’ blog. He is a professor of spiritual philosophy at Denver Seminary. Deep thinker. I think you will like some of his posts.

  7. @kate – That’s what is interesting to me, I can say “I miss you” to God even when it’s not some insanely lonely time in my life. I just felt negligent on my end of things with God, much like a spouse who had gotten himself to busy to notice how blessed he is with his wife. God is way too stellar.

    @Judes – I don’t sleep naked, but I should try it. Lol.

    @Paul – Thanks, I will check out that link.

  8. i’m with judi. it takes a good hour and a hot cup of joe before i stop feeling angry that i’m still not sleeping. but once i get past that, i am very thankful.
    and pls do me a favor, if you do start sleeping in the nude… pls don’t blog about it. haha

  9. nice post.. learned something from it! thanks!

    God Bless!

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