My Musical History

May 21, 2008

Okay, so my good friend, Kate decided to post about her musical climate through different periods of her life. I really enjoyed reading it, and thought I would do the same. Some of this is embarrassing, some cool, all true.


Kindergarden through 5th grade: I was a product of Christian Pop music. My dream was to grow old, and form the next generation of DC Talk. I seriously listened to Nu Thang non-stop. Some other pop bands included: Newsboys, Gospel Gangstas, Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith. Fortunately, I had an older brother who insisted I listen to rock and roll as well. So I was also into Petra, Guns and Roses, Mylon LeFevre, White Cross, Tourniquet and Deliverance.


6th-9th grade: This season in my life marked my transition from pop to rock. Punk was the catalyst for this. My brother copied a tape for me of a band called Crasdog, the album was called Humane Society. I was so intrigued. I asked for more, so he made some mixes that included Mike Knott, One Bad Big and MxPx. From there, I grew more and more into punk and ska (much like our friend Kate). I started playing bass by listening to Ghoti Hook’s Sumo Surprise. Major middle school bands that I listened to: MxPx, Ghoti Hook, Valu Pak, The Insyderz, OC Supertones, Skanking Pickle, Plankeye, Grammatrain, The Cranberries,  Dogwood, Craig’s Brother.


Highschool: There was a specific moment in 10th grade that still affects me musically today: Jimmy Eat World’s Clarity. My friend Clifford, who was a couple years older than me put on the song Goodbye Sky Harbor and said, “This song is really long, but just close your eyes and get into it”. I remember getting the biggest chills when the song was over. I couldn’t believe it. That one evening threw me into independent music, full force. The bands: Jimmy Eat World, Twothirtyeight, Further Seems Forever, Mineral, Fugazi, Sunny Day Real Estate, The Promise Ring, Rainer Maria, This Bright Apocalypse, The French New Wave.

(I still listened to a lot of punk too, but it transitioned to hardcore. That is a whole other story)


Current: It has been six years since I was in highschool. I am now a mish mash of everything. I will listen to Tom Petty just as easily as Black Flag. Jimmy Eat World is still my all time favorite band, and I get the same sensation while listening to Clarity that I did back then. I am happy with my musical experience up to this point, and hope it just continues to grow and grow.




  1. I had no idea you’d been a Ghoti Hook fan. This is interesting. I like this little look into your past.

  2. I love that we both experienced such a passionate love for ska. I can hardly even listen to ska now, it drives me crazy. I had a lot more energy then for bands like MxPx and Five Iron Frenzy. I prefer more chilled out music now. I love how are roots are in the old school Christian music days- DC Talk Heaven Bound was my weapon of choice. “Heavenbound, don’t cha know I’m heavenbound!”

  3. Yeah, Clarity is pretty much the best pop album.

  4. You should tell people that is a picture of you at the end of the post! You are my music mentor…still waiting for that mixed CD of chick singers!

  5. done deal judi! I have it in my itunes, I just need to throw it on a disc.

  6. I know exactly what you’re saying about Jimmy Eat World’s “Clarity” album. I can still listen to that entire cd & get chills, especially with Goodbye Sky Harbour. That song never fails to make me tingle.

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