Singing Lies.

May 23, 2008

Be my vision.
Let me look through your pulpy eyes with clarity.
I know that I am not ready to see,

Let me force it.
I want to see the red, the blue and the green.
Vivid tapestry and horrid scenery

Fill my eyes.
Can I live out these songs I lie?
Scratching, clawing and taking every body with me.

I am too frail.
To put on the mask and look through frayed holes.
My vision is skewed in this clammy plastic. Instead

I will lie here.
Let me stare at the stars scattered across the black.
Glowing pearls thrown by the Swan King on the purple velvet.

I need Thee.
Poised up on a tree is where I will be waiting.
Fruit drizzling down my neck, purely and earnestly.



  1. lol, this was supposed to post tomorrow for my saturday poetry stuff. oh well! haha.


    Seriously though, I like it a lot.

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