May 30, 2008



  1. When the economy is going down and people are hounding you about your foreign policies,,,whaddya gonna do? Chest bump!!

  2. HA!!! YES

  3. It’s amazing how the Commander-in-Chief gets to act childish while his country is undoubtedly and shamefully losing yet another war in the name of spreading his disgustingly distorted “democracy” (a fact that the recruits in these pictures are apparently and foolishly forgetting – or disavowing), the economy finds itself in a precarious state and his GOP is certainly on its way to losing the elections in November (thanks to W. and his pals)… It is no wonder America has lost its global prestige. It will continue to do so unless the American people wake from their ignorant slumber and get themselves out of the pernicious morass that the blatantly imperial and avaricious W. Administration has placed them into.

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