I am screwed!

June 2, 2008

I saw this over at Ragamuffin and C.O.L.ed (chortled out loud)

I don’t know that I have ever seen child molesters compared with sports fans. Odd.



  1. So funny – and shockingly sad

  2. I find it really amusing to mentally read that list in the style of a 70 year old southern baptist preacher.


  3. lol

  4. If only we all realized how condensed that list is! In fact, each of our names is written up there alongside the other nouns describing our actions. Any fool can recognize and point out the faults of others. But wise are those that recognize their own shortcomings and their own personal need for grace & mercy.
    I know this blog comes across as funny and shocking and knowing me, I normally would comment that way. But I just got a smack in the head from God after mulling it over for a few minutes. He literally had me visualize my name up there next to all the descriptors. Initially, the picture reeks of judgment, condemnation, pride, hypocrisy (hey, that’s on the sign). But seeing my own name up there gives me all the more gratitude towards the grace God’s extended me. Thanks for posting it Josh!

  5. Very valid, shelley!

  6. Yess shelley…

    Check out the video on my page. It’s about God!



    I’ve seen lots of these signs before. Lame.

  7. ridiculous and so funny. Sports fans? Why are some italicized and some darker blues than others? I love the term “Porn-Lovers” HA!! I am literally laughing out loud right now.

  8. laughing out loud, or chortling out loud??

  9. Oh, yes, chortling is a much more accurate description of what I am doing.

  10. I’m pretty sure hell oves that sign. What better way to portray God than for a Christian to judge everyone. Wow…if I was in sin, that would look super attractive! That sign SHOULD say heavens most wanted. Because behind all that sin are real people. And God wants us all! That is my two cents. 🙂

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