Blog Schtuff

June 4, 2008

Two big things have happened in my blog-world today:


  1. I registered my new domain name: “The Kevlar Beard”. So you can now type in www.thekevlarbeard.com into your browsers, and it will lead you to this wonderful little world of mine. As a result of the new name, I am re-designing the blog. I am currently working on a new header, so sorry for the temporary generic look.
  2. My Technorati score is at 20! I feel so special.


I personally think that if I could choose any super-power, it would be to have a Kevlar beard. Why? Because:

A. Beards are a gift to humanity

B. Kevlar is light weight and can take bullets.

What more could you ask for??


In other news, I wanted to keep you posted on my healthiness. Last night, for dinner I made one lean pork chop with asparagus. Afterwards, I went on a jog. I feel like a million bucks. Now I just need to keep it up!



ps: I was totally not aware of this picture when I made my new name!!!



  1. Oooh. Sam Beam. He has the ultimate beard. But Ray LaMontagne has that “I will SO cut you!” look with his beard, so it might be a closer race than first glance would suggest.

  2. zz top pwns them all.

  3. You are driven. Keep that hunger.


    (I’d say you look like a million and one bucks)

  4. wait, what?

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