The New Pad!

June 6, 2008

I took some pictures of my new house. Enjoy!



Living Room

Living Room2

Listening/Vinyl Room

Listening/Vinyl Room2


Office/Computer Room




  1. get a better camera

  2. I hadit set on some weird mode the whole time…haha.

    plus there is a huge smudge on the lense. I will be using one of your micro-fiber cloths this weekend.

  3. dont bore me with details, just get a better camera

  4. make me.

  5. Hey Jonus, BLOG IT!

  6. I like that you have a listening room. I’m thinking of buying a road bike and my entire life I road your typical 20″ “bmx” bike and I don’t understand how a road bike could possibly be comfortable based on the way the handles and the seat appear to be level. Is it?
    I might buy this one:


  7. *rode

  8. I’m also thinking this one because I know the brand and it will require less work, though it’s a little more dough:

  9. they are both comparable bikes. The puch is actually probably a little nicer.

    Road bikes are very comfortable once you get used to riding them.

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