Negative Nancy Nose

June 10, 2008

So in the past, I have never suffered from allergy problems in the spring or early summer. This season, however, they are hitting me hard. I have been sneezing non-stop, and it feels like my nose is perma-honky. Any recommendations on how to alleviate these symptoms?

I need to get this fixed so I can get back to my normal self:

or maybe this:


  1. i’m a sudafed fan. who would’ve thought a simple little red pill would be so wonderfully alleving. but it is.

  2. I got hit hard this year too. I usually don’t get hit until later in the season, but I am a huge of Claritin-D. Make sure it has the D at the end or it’s garbage! haha

  3. thanks jacob and teresa!

  4. I notice the “normal self” you aspire to has no beard.

    Very interesting.

  5. Travis has it really bad to! I think he is losing weight from all the snot he has lost… heh.. heh.. he had to get a shot to help him get back to normal and it did nothing!!!

  6. please come back, Normal Josh Self, please come back.

  7. I think I’m back. haha.

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