Pictures from the camping trip!

June 16, 2008

Here are a few shots from my trip to Mesa Verde.



  1. WOW! isnt God creative?
    Did you camp with Bleach’s Singer!? haha.

    I can’t believe people aren’t all about lyrics either. Emotion is rad, music is rad, but what’s it pointing to?
    The powers of life and death are in the tongue- so lyrics can ruin something, or bring life!

    Love you man, oh i don’t have your number…

  2. I am kind of the opposite in listening to music. I should probably pay more attention to lyrics, but my mind goes automatically to the musical climate. One of my pet peeves is when Christians criticize musicians based on their lyrics, especially if the artist isn’t even a Christian to begin with.

    I spent a bunch of time with Indy this past week, and I must say, I am falling in love with that old dog!

    My # is 720-339-0961

  3. Sweet! Who’s that cute kiddo?

  4. the pastors of The Boulder Church’s son. His name is Asher.

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