June 18, 2008
  • The National makes me happy.
  • I got my new Boswell in the mail yesterday, beautiful.
  • The car ride to and from Mesa Verde perked my mind to start reading more again.
  • I finished On the Road and have now started Everything is Illuminated
  • I wish Sigur Ros’ new album sounded like the first two tracks in it’s entirety
  • God has blessed me beyond belief.
  • Mel had a surgery on her knee two days ago, pray that she has a smooth recovery




  1. What’s ‘The National’ and a ‘Boswell’?!

  2. The National is a band you need to listen to. Really chill indie rock stuff. Boswell is a brand of tobacco pipe. I have been doing that lately for relaxation and a hobby. When you come out and visit this fall, I’ll show you what it’s all about!

  3. ahhh.
    The national and boswell….

    i’m glad you’re doing well.

  4. I am glad you are blogging, friend.

  5. You should read Tolkien, if you have not.

  6. Haha, because of my pipe? I have not read any, actually. I know that it is kind of taboo, but I am not really into lord of the rings type stuff, any other reccomendations?

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