Moleskin Saturday vol. 1

June 21, 2008

I was looking through my moleskin this morning, and came across some stuff I liked. I will be gradually posting them over the next few Saturdays. Some of the writings are only a few sentences long and some have more content. Anyway, I hop you enjoy them. Here is the first entry to my “Moleskin Saturday”:



Oh Blistered Birch Tree!

I will follow your dalmation skin

            As it shoots to the sky.

I’ll clasp on to your pulpy branches

            As they breathe life and pollen onto the working man


When you die,

I will plant a birch tree seed

Beneath your stomach.

Over the years,

It’s trunk will split you in half.

The east and the west will all breathe

From your Branchy arms.

As the time passes,

The pulp and skin

Will all melt into one.



  1. I like it.

  2. you like that “pulpy” word. Any particular reason?

  3. no clue, lol

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