Oh Snap!

June 23, 2008

I just wanted to make a quick post to say that I am no longer single! I know, I know, who’d of thunk it?? I met a lovely little lady here at church that is the type of woman I have prayed for since I was a little boy. She loves God with everything inside of her and is so full of grace and understanding. I am really lucky and floating on cloud 9 right now. Her name is Mel, and I am honored to be able to date her. I really think it’s a God-thing. It feels extremely natural and organic, and we are both on the same page.


Since this is the first time I have ever officially dated anyone, I will probably be harassing some of you peers for advice. I really don’t want to mess this up!


Here’s to the future!





  1. If she has grace, I think you’re set! (haha) Congrats to you both! Mel, all joking aside though, Josh is a great guy with a huge heart. If I wasn’t married or straight, I’d probably have propositioned him a long time ago!

  2. haha!

  3. yay!! I am so excited for you and mel, Josh! Did anything happen that made it “offical” 🙂

  4. wahhhooooooooo!!!!! This is fantastic!

  5. @ Kate – We talked about it…uhh…yea. lol

  6. hey man, congrats on the new relationship! best of luck with it! 🙂


  7. haha, thanks for the comment and blog-love, justin! cheers.

  8. Good for her. Good for you. Good for the two of you.

  9. thanks, mark!

  10. YAY! Congrats!

  11. JOSH!!! I just can’t even explain how my heart is so happy right now. YAY! I love both you and Mel so much. I can’t wait to see this bloom.

  12. G-d bless, bro.

  13. Yay, Josh

  14. thanks peeps!

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