Post Script and Crooked Lines

June 26, 2008

Okay, so this might sound a bit childish; for the last few weeks I have been working on my handwriting. The story of my handwriting dates back to 5th grade:


It was a typical winter day in Park River, ND (where I was born). I got to school early, so we decided to go and play outdoors for a few minutes. My friends and I had the bright idea to cover the slide in snow so it would go faster. Boy, did it work! Unfortunately, the rush soon faded and we needed something more. I decided to be the first to attempt going down the slippery slide on my feet, “snowboard style”. My form was pretty graceful and swift. I made it down to the last couple inches of the slide on my feet. As I was rocketing down the slide, I came to a revelation: “I am going way too fast and don’t know how to get off!” To sum it up, I ended up falling backwards right at the end of the slide, breaking my wrist (in both bones) on the edge.


Honestly, this is a pretty typical event for a lot of 8 year old boys. Life happens. How does this relate to me almost 20 years later? Well that year was when we really worked on handwriting and cursive in school. I had a broken right wrist. You do the math! (or English?). I am pretty sure my handwriting didn’t progress at all from 5th grade to recent. It was really awkward and gross looking.


Lately I have decided to hone in on it. I have been writing things in my moleskin, letters to Mel and just random stories while I am in meetings at work. I think it is really starting to look better. Why the sudden interest? I was thinking about how some day I will be old, have a family, and they will look back at my writings. I really want them to look like they belong to an adult!


Are you happy with your handwriting?



  1. I practiced my handwriting so much growing up. I still practice when I’m on the phone or in a meeting. I don’t like it much because it always looks different. Some days I think it looks really good, but then others, I think it’s a mess….URG

  2. Yesterday in a meeting, I wrote out a bunch of old school rap song lyrics on my note pad…haha.

    Dr Dre, Snoop Dog and Biggie Smalls were all involved.

  3. I blame my handwriting on my 8th grade penmanship teacher. He was trying some new fangled strategy & it never really stuck, except w me – great sadness for anyone who has to suffer the tragedy of attempting to decipher the illegible of illegible. be encouraged josh. I think I’m beyond help / practice

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