Mile High Calculator Watch

June 30, 2008

As Mark said, the Mile High Flea Market is rather hot. Never-the-less, the four of us trekked out and conquered it. I would say it was a productive Saturday with some beautiful people:


I got a calculator watch:


Mel and Judi got some Glasses:


and Mark got Heat-stroke:


(we are cute)



  1. Flea Markets still make me sweat – my dad took me to them, along with massive quantities of garage sales when i was growing up. those 4 words: flea market & garage sale make me want to believe in the memory eraser flashee thingies from “men in black”. that’s all i’m saying about that

  2. lol! I am sorry to bring up painful childhood memories!

  3. What an Awesome day! I’m glad you took your camera. I’m fearful that I will fill my child’s memories with flea markets and garage sales too – I knew I always loved Wally!

  4. Cute photos! I always love photos.

  5. Nice paired man bracelets.

  6. mark, judi and I have our casios synched down to the second, I just thought everyone should know

  7. Yes…we need a picture of all 3 casios lined up. Maybe we will do another picture op when Mel gets hers!

  8. done deal, you just reminded me that I need to look on ebay for her.

  9. If you all want to take it to a whole new level, I refer you to the this link. They probably offer group discounts.

  10. haha!

  11. HA! Good one mark!

  12. Yes, you are cute.

  13. Hah, I’m happy for you (both).

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