July 3, 2008

This is a bad day to be a salesman. No one answers their phone on the day before a holiday. Leaving my bored out of my mind in an 8×8 cubicle. I am excited for the weekend. I have two friends coming into town, which will be very fun! I don’t have specific plans, but I am sure we will figure something out.

What are your extended weekend plans?



  1. Stupid lamar….*grumpy sigh*

  2. we’re going to spend time with my bro and his in-laws. but, we’ll probably miss out on the fireworks cause d-rock has to be in bed early. i’m sure we’ll be able to see fireworks again… some day. have a great 4th!

  3. maybe fireworks. isabell has been really grumpy today, so if there’s not an improvement by tomorrow, only david will enjoy the fireworks w mommy & daddy. do i sound a little frustrated? sadness for me. 😦

  4. @judi – I find it ironic that you two are going down there for that wedding…lol

    @Teresa – thanks! you have a great one as well.

    @ Pastor Sarah – The woes of being a mommy! I’m sure you’ll have a great weekend.

  5. JOSH – IT IS IRONIC..and sad, and hot, and smelly and grumpy – BUT, I get to eat at BJs tomorrow, so I will take one for the team and eat myself to sleep tomorrow.

  6. I’m going to apply for new job.

    I’m going to look into a paper route…

    I’m going to heal my twisted ankle.

    I will try to pray instead of just jam in the car.

    I will light off illegal fireworks in 5 mintues…

    wish me luck…

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