Mrs. Doubtfire sings With or Without You

July 11, 2008

It is a beautiful Friday. I finally got 8 hours of sleep and I feel like a million bucks! I am also greatly anticipating a weekend jam packed with fun! (pictures to follow).


I was listening to Achtung Baby this morning, and got to thinking about U2 and why indie kids tend to hate them. I understand if you just aren’t into their music, that is just a preference thing. My biggest pet peeve is when people say things like “Bono is just too cocky”. WHAT ROCKSTAR ISN’T COCKY????!?!?! A lot of people insinuate that he does all of his campaigning and charity work in Africa for attention. That is ridiculous. Indie kids: Think for yourselves! Take a break from your obscure Pavement b-sides and judge music objectively. I will admit though, Bono looks incredibly like Robin Williams.






  1. Beautiful Day is one of the best songs ever written.

    But, you know, Malkmus is pretty friggin’ great too…

  2. touche..

  3. Ha! so funny

  4. Haha, I noticed the resemblance from the first time I saw PopMart

  5. current indie kids do not know who pavement is. they like girl talk.m ashup albums are the new black.

  6. haha

  7. Have you heard Stephen Malkmus’ new stuff?

  8. Indie… the new emo?

  9. Dude. Robin williams should play Bono in a film.

  10. @ matthew – no, I would like to hear it actually.

  11. Josh, this is a great post. I was enjoying a viewing of August Rush with my friend Brittany when it dawned on me that Robin Williams and Bono are the same person, too.

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