July 16, 2008

Adam officially went on his way last night. We had a few people over, and ate some stir fry. It was a very nice little send off. Judi and Mark ended up hanging at the bachelor pad! I was thoroughly impressed! It was sad for Adam to lose his passport, but I truly think the situation was used to make us much closer friends. I am going to miss him! If you get a chance, you should read his blog. I will guarantee that he is going to challenge you into thinking about some issues you may not have in the past.


I have a feeling that I will have a lot of blog material for the next few weeks, stemming from the in-person conversations I had with Adam.



  1. he also inspired my blog post today…He will be missed!

  2. I really hope you and all your friends understand how much of a joy and honour it was for me to be part of your community for a while; ’cause that’s what it felt like for me, far more than just a simple visit. I’m very thankful to you, Josh, and to everyone who made me feel welcome. I’m glad that we could become closer friends through everything that happened.

    Judi: Thanks for the nod, I will definitely be tuning into your blog!

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