The Pencil Trick

July 22, 2008

Mark, Judi, Mel and I watched The Dark Knight on Sunday afternoon. I have to say, I was entertained throughout the entire film. I have never seen a comic book movie go into such character/philosophical depth. I am glad that it out sold the atrocity that was Spiderman 3. I was reading the news this morning, and noticed that Christian Bale just got arrested for assault, ouch…bad timing, Batman.


The past few weeks have been speeding by at blurring speeds. Mel and I are going to Minnesota this coming weekend to relax with my family for 4 days. I am greatly looking forward to slowing it down for a few days. My sister and her family from Botswana, Africa will be there as well. I haven’t seen them in a few years, so I am extremely excited to be around!



  1. can you blame Bale/Batman for putting the smack down on someone? maybe he was just method acting?

  2. very true….

  3. Dude it was a great film. Bummer Bale.

    See you tomorrow at Catalyst Yay.

  4. “bad timing, bat man.” this is a new quote for sure.
    we are going to miss you two. i hope your trip goes really well. i know your family will love Mel, how could they not? 🙂

  5. I really want to try the pencil trick on a bad guy someday. It will be a bad day for that bad guy.

  6. i haven’t seen it yet. so sad.

    i don’t believe the bale that bale assaulted his mom and sis. i refuse!

  7. That movie ROCKED. I loved it.

    And the pencil trick was the highlight of the movie.

    I hope things go well for you. Godspeed.

  8. Your trip will be great
    You will be missed
    Mel is hot (hotmail)
    We love you guys!

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