A Pictoral Guide to my Weekend

August 18, 2008

On Friday, I hung out with Chris and Chris. We wandered around downtown, and watched part of the movie “Hellboy”:

On Saturday Morning, I met up with Mark, and we laid down the bass tracks to 3 songs for church. I am excited to hear them when they are completed!


I had a lovely Saturday with Kate and Dustin. We dropped of three pieces of Dustin’s art to a gallery on Santa Fe. Afterwards, we ate Denver Ted’s (best cheese steak EVER), and walked over to a little bookshop called “Kilgore’s”. After this, we head back towards the burbs and watched a “Groeneman Double Feature”. Our two movies were Vicky Christina Barecelona & Tropic Thunder.

Unfortunately, I don’t have pictures of my Sunday. I went to church, worked on my bike, cleaned the house and attended small group.



  1. what a great little weekend adventure!

  2. That first picture is one of the best in the world.

  3. haha yea, fun stuff!

  4. that sounds like a pretty great weekend. we only take the most trusted friends on a “groeneman double-feature”.

  5. it was a blast of a day, thanks for letting me tag along!

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