August 18, 2008

I started the “90 Day Challenge” that Hoshi talked about in his latest post. To sum it up, a group of us are reading through the entire Bible in 90 days. I have never done anything like this, and I am extremely excited to do it! I am a little fearful that I will give up after a few weeks, but hopefully I have a close enough friend base to keep me accountable.


Anyway, as a result of this, you might see an increased amount of blogs posts regarding what I read that day. Here is my first of those entries:


Today, I read through the first 16 chapters of Genesis. I am stunned by the imagery (both prose and poetic) presented in this ancient narrative. It is so straight forward and direct. The text is enthralling and grabs your attention for its entirety. I don’t quite understand how people get so bored by the Bible. Even if I wasn’t a Christian, I would find these texts to be absolutely fascinating.


The common theme that kept crossing my mind as I was reading these chapters was the struggle of our own free will vs. God’s correction into bringing us back on track. As I was initially reading, I was thinking to myself that is seems like God was making mistakes and then covering up for them. Ie, the Flood, The Fall of Man, Cain and Abel, etc. etc. Then I came to the realization that it was us who were making the mistakes. The punishments and reactions to our sin were many times, rather harsh. Never the less, the sin always originated with us. Obviously, it leads us on to a lot of thoughts regarding predestination (it seems like every theological debate comes back to this). I don’t really care to delve into that whole debate right now. Oddly enough, these distant texts seem to hit really close to home, and make me feel like God is truly in control.



  1. Where did you find the 90 Day Challenge? Is it a book or just something your friends came up with? It sounds really awesome! I’m looking forward to your posts – they always get me thinking!

    I never really enjoyed much of the Old Testament and I took a Beth Moore study at church this summer based on the Tabernacle and it was amazing. I loved it and learned so much!

  2. Well, there are a few books that guide you through the process, but I am just following a plan. If you go to Hoshi’s blog (I linked to it in the original entry), he has the plan all written out to the day.

    The Old Testament is confusing and profound all at once. They had different views from the post-Jesus world. I find it extremely interesting. Moses was truly a poet, and his writing is insanely interesting to me.

  3. I will hold your feet to the fire!!

    did you read today?

  4. yep! I read yesterday, and am about to read for the third day. I am going to try not blog about it every day.

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