Rivers and Tides

August 21, 2008

I would really like to see this documentary:



  1. Wow. I pray to the Lord Almighty that you are not serious. I enjoy documentaries (I recently finished up with an hour long documentary on the font Helvetica. It was actually very good!) but this one takes it a step too far.

    Let me know if you watch it Josh, I may want to toke up with you.

  2. haha! don’t judge me!

  3. I won’t, but if you were serious about that documentary no one will have to judge you, you’d do a good job of it yourself! Tell us though – were you serious?

  4. I was! it looks peaceful and interesting.

  5. $query = “KILL friendship”

  6. You are going to laugh, but me and Dustin have seen this documentary and it is INCREDIBLE! The library, man, they have got it all. It is worth seeing, you will not believe how the artist creates and the amount of patience he has.

  7. haha, I won’t laugh! I am the one who said it looks awesome. Jacob prefers watching break.com videos. lol

  8. Obviously the stark, sans serif cruelty of mentally dwelling on the Helvetica font has left Jacob lacking the gentle graces that would enable a soul to care about jaw-dropping beauty.

    Poor Jacob.

  9. Sure, gang up on the fat kid……sad

  10. lol!!

  11. ps jacob, you are working on it. We don’t judge plus sized movie stars like yourself around here. I wish you lived out here so we could become un-fat together!

  12. Hey, speaking of! I am going to be doing the cleanse again shortly. Anyone in?! We could keep accountable online and blog about our experiences!

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