Get It Out

September 16, 2008

Kate and Dustin came over last night, and we watched A Rebel Without a Cause. We had a great time eating pasta and looking up interesting facts about the movie on Wikipedia. Afterwards, like all great nerds do, we sat around and talked about books. I told Dustin that I had House of Leaves in my bookshelf, and I haven’t read it yet. He freaked out and said I needed to read it soon.


Naturally, last night I started it after everyone had left and I was lying in bed. I just read through the introduction, and let me tell you, I think this book is going to be a ride. I will post a review of the book on my blog once I am finished.


Anyway, for some reason, last night I had words flowing through my head all night. I was tossing and turning, yet I could never get enough energy to get up and actually write. The words would naturally come to me like tongues or natural instincts. I need to stop being lazy and get this stuff out on to paper.



  1. SA-WEET! MArk and I were going to call K&D for dinner last night, but I told Mark that Kate can’t do dinners on Mondays. Now he will think I was lying…ha!

  2. All great nerds have a Moleskine and Space Pen next to their bed to record thoughts at night. Poser.

  3. @judi – I think monday’s are typically Dustin’s night off because kate has something going on, but it must have been a night off or sumpin’. You want to be a part of our next nerdy movie night?

    @jacob haha, i actually had my moleskin there. THAT’S HOW LAZY I AM!

  4. dude. just let the midnight out.

  5. dont’t tell me what to do, x.


  6. It was that House of Leaves! It stirred up thoughts and words. Dustin warned you it will get into your head.

  7. agreed, kate. it got in my head!

  8. The most difficult part of writing is the first stroke of the pen.

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