I am sorry if you disagree, but:

September 19, 2008



  1. Benji (my 5yr old) is sitting next to me & points to the picture & says, “that’s Obama”, I’m rooting for John McCain. Amazing, I don’t remember any political awareness in my life before I was like 10 or something. :/

  2. Haha. It’s so true though.

  3. Funny that you say that Sarah, Christian and Taylor (9 and 7) are also both very aware of this election and both have voiced their support for McCain. I think its great.

    BTW Josh, you don’t have to be sorry if someone disagrees with you. You based your opinion on your own knowledge and understanding and it is as valid as anyone else’s.

  4. Josh, how can you be a self-aware, intelligent, creative 20-something and not realize how good Obama would be for this nation?

    But seriously, PWN3D

  5. haha, this might open a can of worms with you all, but I am still writing in Ron Paul. I believe he was the best fit for our current situation, and getting out of it.

  6. You would fit in Appleton really well. I think our city makes up Ron Paul’s largest support base. I’ve seen more Ron Paul signs then I have Obama signs, but McCain litters more lawns then the two put together.

    I still haven’t decided yet. It’s hard when you have to pick between the better of the worst. Not that I would ever find anyone I agree with 100% unless I ran, but it would be nice to not have to compromise major convictions for once.

  7. haha. nice, man. i was expecting to see a shit storm on your facebook wall about that picture, but there wasn’t.

    i’m still writing in Paul. i refuse to spend my vote endorsing someone i so disagree with as the two major party candidates.

  8. HA! True, true.

  9. @lisa – I think a majority of the country shares your sentiments.

  10. Friendship is over.

    j slash k

  11. Toot toot for write-in votes! I wish Captain Crunch would come back from battle and be a war-time president…

  12. I had a 9 year old in kid’s church ask me if I knew who Obama was, there was another kid in 5th grade who had us pray he would win the election. What are they showing the political ad’s on Cartoon Network now?

  13. Ok – so side question, I guess. Is it healthy for children to be this vested in politics so early on? Are we, as adults, setting them up for making an informed decision as they grow older, or are we steering them a certain way? Obviously, I am not a parent, so I am just curious.

  14. Sure, most people steer their children in a certain direction. But there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s a natural progression. Parents have to impart their beliefs into their children. Once the child moves out (or maybe even earlier) it’s up to him/her to find their own way.

  15. Yea, and that is pretty much universally true. Liberal parents are more apt to instill those ideals into their kids, just like conservatives, or pagans, or universialists, or christians, etc. etc.

    It makes for an interesting transition in to adulthood.

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