Monday cup of Haterade

September 22, 2008

List of stuff I just can’t get into:


  1. The Rocket Summer
  2. Qdoba
  3. Doo-rags
  4. Guinea Pigs
  5. Being overly hipster
  6. Nascar (emphasis on the final syllable)
  7. Being overly emotional
  8. Tribal tattoos
  9. Being really aggressive about an obvious “opinion”
  10. Grape Nuts


  1. as far as point number 9 is concerned I know what you mean. I have noticed a lot of people have been very liberal (hehe) in their Obama bashing upon realizing that I am going to vote for him. It wouldn’t bother me as much if I had some sort of indication that these people have read any information on where the candidates plan to take our country. To play the other side of things, I feel like the Obama hype is lame and also comes from an equally uninformed bunch of people. I don’t want people voting for him just because he’s black or because McCain is older than Alaska itself. Issues man.



    I love people who can back up how they feel.

  2. I definitely didn’t decide to critique Obama once I found out you supported him. Really, the post had nothing to do with you. Truthfully, you and I have never even had a real discussion about it. You know me, Brandon, I am not one to just go with the flow, I have my idea for what this country needs, and other people have different ones. I don’t think a silly picture on some random blog will really change that.

  3. I guess I’m guilty of being overly hipster at times, but I’m with you on the others.


    Grape Nuts, when cooked like oatmeal in warmed milk, with a bit of cinnamon and sugar? That’s good winter eatin’s. It’s pure crap any other way.

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