A Letter to Ripley

September 23, 2008

Dear Ripley,


I am writing you this letter to air grievances I have concerning our relationship. You look so soft and cuddly with your soft, oreo fur, and your cute little pink paws. However, when I stand up to go get a drink from the faucet, you hiss at me and make me feel self-conscious. I am hoping we can get through this and finally just start loving each other, because you are a wonderful cat, and I enjoying geeking out to movies, music and art with your mom and dad. Let me know what I can do to right this wrong.


Best Regards,


Joshua Mickelson


PS – What did you think of Cries and Whispers? Did you gather the same philosophical undertones that Dustin and I did last night?  



  1. HA! Ripley definitely has a personality of his own! We think he is actually a ninja in a cat costume – don’t cross him!

  2. Ripley’s internet connection is down (he chewed through the phone cord) so I will have to print this for him to read. Oh behalf of Ripley, I apologize for his rude behavior. There is no excuse for him.

  3. Does Ripley make you realize how much you love baby and bono???

  4. bono is practically my nephew. I have known that man since he was palm sized and sleeping on my gut.

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