Love Love Love

October 6, 2008

Well, last night marked the first night of “The Uprise”, Danielle, Alex, Elissa and I’s small group. It is devoted to helping 9th through 12th graders with this crazy thing we call “life”. Our goal isn’t to necessarily get overly deep with these kids; we just want to provide a safe place for them to develop relationships and a passion to pursue Jesus.


The first night went really well. There were 8 of sitting on couches and eating pretzels as Danielle led a discussion about the woman at the well and how our peers are looking for that living water. It was really good, and I feel like the kids were very receptive, especially for our first night. I am beyond excited to see where this goes!


Also, while you are here, listen to this beautiful song, I am so ready for Canopy Glow to be released!


Anathallo – The River



  1. I’m pumped up for your small group too! Do you get to talk next week?

  2. I sure do! I actually started on my notes today

  3. SO EXCITED 4 YOU!!!!! my liver quivers w excitement! 🙂
    you rock Josh!

  4. I like envoking liver quivers!

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