The Unwritten Code

November 3, 2008

I went up to Boulder this past weekend with my friends Brandon, Amy and Jesse. On the way, Amy’s knee was poking into Brandon’s back as he was driving. As this happened, we made an important discovery. All men, especially fathers, have a switch inside of them that is flipped every time this happens. My own father is as calm as a Hindu cow; however I remember growing up, whenever my feet/knees would poke into his back in the car, he would reach his hand back and just start grabbing violently! Haha. It’s written into the male DNA, don’t mess with our backs whilst driving!!!


Did your fathers do this as well?


PS: Check out Brandon’s portfolio website here and give him a call if you have any design needs!



  1. Haha, I hate this. I’m never going to do it to my children because I hated it so much when I was growing up. Seriously dads and men, just learn to deal with it. I, unfortunately, have this DNA, but I’m going to alter it and become something bigger.

  2. did you ever email me your address? I have a mix with your name on it, pal!

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