November 20, 2008

Real quick little thought here, that relates back to this post. I really want to be “Life-deep” in my Christianity, not simply “Mind-deep”. The scribes reported what they read, and the prophets reported what they saw of God. I want to be a prophet. I want to constantly be breathing God in. I want to be in tune with the sways of his Spirit. I want to know His voice way better than any book or sermon could ever describe it.

We, as Christians, get too caught up in knowledge, where as, I really think God wants us to taste, smell, see, hear and interact with Him. That is what the bible is leading us towards. Look at all of the sentient verbs used.

It’s time to be a mystic. It’s time to meditate on God. It’s time to worship Him simply because He is. Everything else is honestly just rational discourse. Paul sent me a book on Meditation and my friend Tim lent me a dvd on the Buddist tradition of concentration and meditation, I am really anxious to delve into it all.



  1. A book on Meditation and a DVD on Buddist tradition? Isn’t that still trying to use knowledge to find God? Why don’t you just skip the middle man and start asking Him for more of Himself?

    There’s a verse in Psalms (27 I think?) that says “You teach my hands to war, You make my fingers to bend a bow of bronze.” I’ve always gone to that scripture to remind me that my relationship with Him is written and crafted BY Him. Books might help when I’m lead to them, but real fruit comes from just spending time with the One I want to know.

  2. Yea, those books are just for practice. The real battle is won on your face, seeking Him. I do, however, feel that people have some great ideas on keeping your mind focused and controlling your surroundings. I don’t glorify those practice to anything beyond advice.

  3. the pursuit of knowing God is why we’re created, our purpose. I need to know God in each moment of life – no seperation

  4. Paul tells us to ‘know his love that surpasses knowledge’ (Eph 3:19). Seems those of us who have grown up in this western civilization miss that, we prefer knowledge over knowing, just study harder. Jesus has called us into intimacy. Very nice post.

    I would be so honored it you would also check out my blob, as I think we have some similar thoughts here. If you would be willing to add a link, I would love to do the same. It is located at blog.knightvisionministries.com.

    to the King,


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