If they can dream than why, oh why can’t I?

December 1, 2008

I have been more and more drawn towards actually walking in love. (if you can’t tell by my last few posts). I want to have actual influence, not in the sense that gives me entitlement or recognition, in the sense that actually offers hope. I want to look at people with my lazy blue eyes and feel hurt/joy/pain/love with them. I don’t want to simply be that “fun guy” that is only skin deep.


It seems like in order for this to happen, time needs to be spent with my face down to the ground. I need to be quiet and rest until I actually hear his voice. I need to stop making jokes at the expense of other’s character. I need to dream big, dream out loud. Giving up isn’t an option, as the connection I am seeking is vital to life.


Anyway, just a quick Monday morning thought. I hope you all had a stellar weekend!


  1. I did have a stellar weekend! Josh, I do think you exemplify love and dedication. You may be a funny guy, but I think most people see you as a very loving and caring person. The fun is just bonus!!!

  2. I like you.

  3. I like my friend Matthew.

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