The Hunger Artist

December 2, 2008

As many of you know, I am kind of the type of guy that immerses myself in art. I am constantly listening to music, reading poetry or gazing at visual art of some sort. When I was fresh out of high school, I had grand dreams of a career in music. I felt that my worth or sense of self was in how good my band was, or how much of a draw we had. I took it all far too seriously. Lately, I have come to a very liberating thought. Art is simply for enjoyment. The world does not need it. I don’t need it to survive. Society doesn’t need it to keep connecting. It is simply there to make us happy, kind of like an icing on the cake. It seems like in society, we view people who are less versed in art as less happy. I suppose it’s a natural thought process when someone chooses to not participate in something that you gain pleasure from, however, it’s also a dangerous edge to teeter on. I am very guilty of this. I just feel a sense of freedom, and a pressure taken off when I think of the fact that it’s just art. There is no need to know more than others, be able to paint more elegantly, have a sweeter voice in God’s eyes. It’s simple, pure enjoyment. On a spiritual level, we don’t need a lulling guitar to worship God. We don’t need just the right compression on the kick drum to see His face. Environment is external, and our heart is something far different. Of course, I am not bashing artists that wish to present their gift as well as possible in a church community environment; I am one of those people. I am simply saying that deciphering the difference is not only freeing, but necessary.



  1. i don’t know man. i’ve often gone back and forth between the necessity of art in our society–whether it’s purely for enjoyment or if there is a true need for it in our lives.

    but, i see where you’re coming from, and it is a liberating thought, for sure.

  2. there are times where i have thought art was a complete necessity and without it i would be lost, gray and devastated. i feel i need art for my soul the way i need food for my body, it keeps me healthy, happy and sane.

  3. To me, that almost sounds like addiction? Not trying to ruffle the feathers. I just think we develop a dependancy on something, and view it as necessary, it become dangerous? I dunno.

  4. I am certainly not above addictions. You may be on to something there…

  5. haha, we all have addictions. I am addicted to meth.

  6. This is liberating for me as a not-as-artsy person as my friends (does arts and crafts qualify as artsy?). I always feel less worthy or not up to speed when it comes to the arts. The weight has been lifted!

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