Say it to my face

December 15, 2008

Sometimes it seems like the internet promotes ambiguity far too much. I read through blogs, message boards and social networking sites and see people saying things they would never say in real life. I am most likely guilty of this myself. Is it a good thing or a bad thing? Does it promote freedom of speech or cowardly actions? It’s not just subject matter, but delivery as well. People can come across so intense, rude, mean, etc. etc. The more I think about the internet, the more I see how much it promotes evil/vile stuff. Obviously, it’s valuable, and pretty much needed into today’s world. I just think there are plenty of negatives associated with it as well.


How about you? Do you conduct yourself on your web space the same as you would in your everyday real life?  



  1. i agree that there are some people who feel a lot more “brave” on their keyboard. i would hope that i’m not guilty of that, but i’m sure i’ve done it myself. and people can be pretty rude on these things. i know i would hate it if i ever came across that way. confrontation is much easier when there’s really no confrontation. haha!

  2. I agree. I mean, it’s not like I’ve ever said anything stupid from the safety of my blog or anything…

    I think in this techo-age, we’ve gotten very good at theoretical Christianity and “talking” a good game, but we’ve maybe done so at the expense of actually living Christ-like lives. Just my two bits.

  3. You’re an idiot. Get a life.

  4. I am probably guilty, myself, teresa!

    @jacob haha! whats funny is you would and have said that to my face.

  5. @sean. I agree. People are getting really good at talking about their faith, and possibly recessing in actually living it. The times, they are a changin’ I guess.

  6. I’ll admit sometimes I feel like that’s why I don’t like

    A)Myself, or

    B) Rob Bell-type-people. I know they have tons of good ideas and stimulate good “discussion,” but what are they or the people who buy the books actually DOING to “change” things? What am I actually doing to expand the kingdom? Do I talk (type?) a good game or am I letting God use me?

  7. i agree with you barge. i’m sure i’m guilty of practicing techno-Christianity. i know that i blog what i feel in my heart. but do i allow that to challenge me or do i allow myself to settle in the release of having written about it? i’m not sure i’m always pleased with how i answer that question.

  8. I think I’m the opposite. I don’t always write what I really want to say because EVERYONE will be able to see it. I think I actually play it safe…

  9. that’s a good quality, judi.

  10. I’m more honest on my blog. And this post had me thinking about the whys of that for a few days.

    I guess I feel like I’m boring people or coming off as a cheap bible thumper if I bring up my spiritual thoughts to my friends too often. I discuss it with my closest friends, the ones who know me best, but with those in the outer circles I choose to share Christ through actions rather than words.

    Online I feel freer because nobody is required by any means to read what I have to say. And response is even less of an issue. When you’re face to face with someone, there’s an obligation on both sides to pay attention and react to what is said.

  11. I think that I am kinder off the tubes, but also much less eloquent. I love having the luxury of writing, but I love, even more, having someone to talk to in real life. A 20th century philosopher made the claim that the face of the other was the source of ethical conduct toward the other. I think he was being optimistic, but I find that to be true, typically. It’s a whole lot easier to be cruel to ones and zeroes.

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