January 12, 2009

Had an interesting conversation with my friend Ricky last week while we were sitting in the hot tub. I figured it would be a fun dialog to bring on to my blog!


2 folded question:


  1. What would you do really admire in the way your parents raised you and your siblings, and would you continue that with your kids?
  2. What is something you would do different?



I am really grateful to my parents in a multitude of ways. One thing that really stands out is manners. My parents were extremely adamant that I respected elders, cleaned up after myself, helped out, etc. etc. Obviously when I was young, it was a hassle, but now I see that as so valuable.


I think one thing I would do different is be 100% open about my finances to my kids. Even if things aren’t good financially, I want my kids to be totally kept in the loop, so they can see how adults overcome obstacles like this. My parents weren’t necessarily bad at this, it’s just something I think I’d put more emphasis on.


How about you?



  1. Hmmm, I think what I cherish the most from the way my parents raised me is the enormous amount of love that they shared with me. To show just a percentage of that to my children would be my greatest achievement. I would also give a bit more freedom to my children… well, maybe.

    (Speaking of when we were younger, like the music, I also share past life in the hallowed halls of myspace music let me know sometime and I’ll send you the link, hahaha)

  2. I really value the excellence that was pounded into me at all stages of development. Integrity, the pursuit of righteousness, the joy of doing a job to the absolute best of your ability. I think that’s the defining thing that I inherited from my folks.

    I’d probably do a lot of things differently though. Primarily, I’d work hard to have more grace to let them to become someone other than a perfect recreation of me.

  3. Really great question:

    1. My parents have the most giving and loving hearts. Mark and I have already started to incorporate some of their “ways” into our lives.

    2. My parents were very transparent about finances and it actually stressed me out alot as a child. I think you can teach children how to be responsible with money without them knowing if you can’t make rent or you don’t know how you will get dinner or if there’s enough money for Christmas. I still worry about money all of the time and I’m sure it has something to do with that.

  4. Awesome question!

    1. My parents were extremely involved in my life – every aspect of it. I doubt there were many softball, volleyball, basketball games they missed or a day went by that they didn’t make time to talk to me one on one. Even now they make it a point to connect every few days. Seeing other peoples’ relationship with their parents and the lack of involvement pushes me even more to make it a point to truly connect with each of my kids.

    2. I want to parent alongside my husband, recognizing him as the leader of my family. A lot of times my mom would do things like a) talk bad about my dad in front of us kids or b) tell us ‘just don’t tell your dad.’ I want our relationship to be real to our kids – it’s not all peaches and roses, but I will never bad mouth Jacob in front of the kids or go behind his back.

  5. My parents were very practical people and taught us about money, taking care of yourself, and social responsibility at a pretty young age. Not that we didn’t still have to learn what we had already been told… but we seemed to at least have an idea of how to deal.

    I wish that my parents had had more interests and would have shared with us more about themselves, their likes and disklikes, their pasts. They weren’t people I could relate to or find myself in enough to feel comfortable around.

  6. That’s so true, Abby! Parents need to have interests of their own.

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