They Will Never Know!

January 14, 2009

I was just thinking about this, what are some things that this next generation will probably never get to experience?


Making mix tapes (actual tapes)

Photo Albums

Meeting people without the aid of the internet

Having to read print media for information

Using pay phones

Having to actually remember the phone numbers of your friends

Rewinding an answering machine

Having to get film developed

Leaving your house to buy music

Using a video tape rewinder

Setting times to hang out with people because there was no option of calling them on the way

Rotary phones

Going to the library to do research for a paper.

Adjusting the contrast on the old Gameboys as your 4 AA batteries slowly die out.

Television Static



Ordering from a Mail Order



What else???



  1. Water

  2. Spending half an hour blowing on a NES cart and praying that your Legend of Zelda game was saved…

  3. Headphones that go OVER your head.
    Writing letters with pens or pencils.

  4. Father Abraham
    “There is a flag flown high in the castle of my heart…”
    Knowing every word to the Fresh Price theme song
    Play Oregon Trail on an old apple computer at school

  5. o, nostalgia!

    don’t forget the sound of your cassette tapes slowing down as the batteries in your walkman run out.

  6. this was such a great list! here are some more to add:

    not splitting their chin open while riding on a roller racer.

    actually watching tv shows when they are on or else never seeing the episode.

    passing notes in class instead of texting them.

  7. @judi, if our future does not inculde cheesy sunday school songs, I don’t want a part of it!!! haha.

  8. the joy of reading the jackets of any album/cassette/cd.

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