January 15, 2009

Well, here I sit at my desk, tie pulled tight against my neck and shoes looking shiny. One thing is different, though. I have a mouth full of metal and plastic! I got braces yesterday! I am not really in any pain at all. My teeth have definitely started moving, so the front ones are a bit sore, but surely nothing unbearable! I feel kind of foolish being almost 26 and having braces, but I don’t care. I have excellent benefits here at work and it’s in my best interest to take advantage of them.


It felt funny sitting in this orthodontics office full of Looney Toons and Disney characters on the wall! The lady said to me “Normally we let kids spin the prize wheel after they get their braces on, since you are kind of beyond that here is a $5 giftcard to Starbucks”. I would have taken a spin at the wheel.


A picture of my new smile is below. It’s hard to see the braces since I opted for the clear brackets:


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