Turn Off the Radio.

January 16, 2009

Ok so you all have probably read quite a few “Bet of 2008” lists about music. Here is a different spin:


What 5 bands have gotten the most play time for you in 2008?


What has inspired you? Amazed you? Intrigued? Etc. etc. Pretty much, what have you had trouble turning off this past year? (can be an album from any time period)


  1. Jeremy Enigk – World Waits: I have logged so many hours on this album it’s kind of sick! It’s been my go-to album. It gets harsh critique because people just compare it with old SDRE work, but I still think it’s insanely good.
  2. The Avett Brothers – Emotionalism: Simply put, this album makes me happy.
  3. Pedro the Lion – Control: I will always be fascinated by this album. It’s hard to comprehend how stellar David Bazan is at lyricism and song writing.
  4. Josh Ritter – The Animal Years: Yum?
  5. Bonnie Prince Bille/Matt Seeney – Superwolf: Great songwriting, etc. etc. However, what really stands out to me about this album is the recording itself. Sonically, beautiful.


  1. Do I get to take credit for introducing you to the Avett Brothers and Josh Ritter?

    I’m glad you’re blogging again.

  2. haha. you DO get credit for those. also, over the rhine. you pwn.

  3. Yes. I do. Thanks for noticing!

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