Lost Opening!

January 23, 2009

Okay, episodes 1 & 2 have aired for Lost Season 5. It was a great premier, packed full of stuff but also created anticipation for the rest! Here are some thoughts:


-Season opened without an eye close-up.
-Chang went by his real name and had both of his hands.
-Chang’s son was presumably born if not conceived on the island. (Miles?)
-Charlotte is just like Daniel’s rats. Sounds like she needs a constant? But does that mean the rest have constants?
-Monk lady (from Desmond’s alternate realities and his boss’ picture…Faraday’s mother? Is she somehow related to Jacob?)

-What’s up with the soldiers at the end of E2? They look like they are World War II era military, are they Widmer’s army while he was in control?

-Does time travel account for a lot of ther weird island quirks? Like the whispers, smoke monster, visions?

-Daniel Farraday is becoming an extremely interesting character. He obviously has some kind of special control/knowledge of the island’s powers..

-Do you think that possibly Richard approached Ben as a result of Locke and Ethan’s interaction?

-Is the Butcher Farraday’s mom?



  1. Ok, I have a lot to say here. So hold on to your hats.

    1. At the end of the season premier we see the woman who sold Desmond the engagement ring in season 3. She is mapping out the location of the island using some pendulum and tells Ben that they only have a window of 60 hours then the island moves again. I think that this woman is actually Faraday’s mom, not the butcher. As far as her being related to Jacob, it is possible. Not related as in family, but more like connected somehow.

    2. Sun meets with Kate and tells her that she does not blame her for Jin’s death. She does, however, blame Jack. Will this lead to some kind of revenge?

    3. Locke is not actually dead at all, he is in some sleep like state. That is why Ben has the butcher keep an eye on him.

    4. Your question about the military guys who attack Sawyer and Juliet is really interesting. I never thought about it being Widmore’s people. Did they have British accents? It definitely was not Dharma people. I think the Dharma Initiative started in the 70’s and those guys looked like they were from WW1 era or something, like you said. That is interesting…

    5. My prediction is that either Sawyer or Jack will die by the end of the show. As well as Widmore or Ben.

  2. One last thing:

    Everyone of the island seems to be connected in some way. Maybe this makes them each (without them knowing it) each other’s constants. ??? I don’t know…

  3. all very good thoughts! I hope jack dies. hahah jk

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