Bacon Weave

January 24, 2009

Okay, so last night Kate, Judi and Lindsay were talking about what type of meat they would prefer to be stuck with if on a desert island. It was torn between pork and beef. In an effort to persuade you towards pork, I wanted to divert your eyes to THIS little site.


I’d like to introduce you to a little ditty called the bacon weave:



  1. Oh gag.

  2. Yummy 🙂 Add some potatoes, onions, mushrooms and then you’re really talking! But there’s no way I’d take that over a steak … beef all the way!

  3. I prefer the ditty about Jack and Diane, this one has given me a heart attack…

  4. I must have it!!!

  5. ok, that bacon braid has settled it for me. i would choose beef on my deserted island.

  6. i’m pretty sure that i clogged an artery just looking at this pic.

  7. as a vegetarian, this sort of makes me want to throw up. 😛

  8. @archie, John cougar would be proud of your choice.

    @erin, as a meat eater, it looks glorious. hahaha.

    @kate, I wonder if they could make this with beef jerkey?

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