Give Us Barabbas

February 10, 2009

So I have been thinking about this a lot lately. Why did society choose Barabbas over Jesus? Do we, as a whole, make these choices in our present world? Digging deeper, even if we do make these choices, aren’t they necessary for God to see completion to His plan?


This then threw me down the rabbit trail. In my OWN life, do I choose Barabbas over Jesus? Do I make choices that make absolutely no sense?


The comfort I found was this: God’s will is going to be done, regardless of our poor choices. We need to have faith in Him and his plan. When we are caught in a bad pattern or a series of bad choices, we need to focus on the big picture.



  1. This is a really good question. A crowd of people preferring the devil they know to the saint they can’t understand. They knew Barabbas, knew he was a scumbag, but his broken-humanity they could comprehend. In contrast, Christ’s bizarre, mutant righteousness was like a poke in the eye.

    How do I stack against this crowd? Give me the fink Barabbas of second-class living to the shiny, candy-like charms promised through a Savior.

    I don’t want to mean that.

  2. very good insight, dgro!

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