My Anabaptist Anatomy

February 11, 2009

I was just thinking about an interesting day from my childhood. I was about 8 years old and playing with my neighbors. We were playing basketball in my driveway, and the neighbor began to talk to me about God. They were devote Mennonites and I was in the non-denominational/charismatic side of things. I remember almost thinking in my head that these kids didn’t know Jesus because they weren’t of the same denomination persuasion as myself. Through conversation, I began to realize that we believed essentially the same things. I was so confused. I brought it up to my parents and they consoled me and said that we can both be happy in our walks. As a child, this shook my world. How can there be two rights? How can these people who look, speak, live, play and love differently be on the same path as myself? I feel like there has been a little bit of that day in everything I have done since.


If you notice one common theme in my blog, it’s this: Being Ecumenical. Now, I am not talking about a wishy-washy faith where you believe “everything” to be true. I am talking about a community that is tolerant and striving to find truth together.


We’re all in this thing together,

Walking the line between faith and fear,

We’re all in this thing together,

When you cry I taste the salt in your tear.



  1. Good wisdom in that Josh

  2. I’ve been meaning to educate myself more about Anabaptist theology for a while because I think fall in with them in a lot of places.

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