February 16, 2009



also, what do you think about this video?



  1. I think there were a lot of “what ifs” in that video, which are rarely helpful. It’s hard to back things up with facts in 5 minutes though.

    All in all, it was an effort, but I doubt anything will change because of it.

    Government sucks.

    Damn. I’ve turned into timthee.

  2. I like how he uses ‘what if’ statements to basically attack past/future administration in a non-threatening way. Interesting vid doooo!

  3. I think RP can get away with it because he’s been extremely clear about what he thinks the resolution should be, and everyone knows it. I think he was more nailing home the thought that if he is wrong, no harm, if he is right a lot of harm.

    Not sure I 100% agree with him on war.

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