New Songs

February 18, 2009

I finished two songs this week; I am excited to share them with my blog.

One of them is a country/bluegrass sounding tune called Red River Valley. This is actually the first song that Al and I wrote together. I came up with the main guitar progressions and the melody, and he and I traded off writing the lyrics. I was born in North Dakota, and back in the mid 90s there was a huge flood that affected the state quite heavily. So I wrote the song with that subject matter in mind. It turned out pretty twangy.

The second is a “worship” song (whatever that means!). It almost sounds like a traditional. It’s called Shine a Light Through Me (tentatively). I am hoping to explore some use of rounds and different vocal techniques. We will see!


I made a rough track of Red River Valley with Al on Monday evening, so hopefully I can get that posted up on here soon for OURCC. It is very rough sounding, but it’s not meant to be a final product. With the worship song, I’d like to lay it down with Mark and work on it with him. Perhaps it will get some rotation in DenverCity.



  1. looking forward to hearing them (even if they’re only rought cuts – that’s all I ever post).

  2. I am way interested in hearing your new songs, Josh! I don’t think I have ever heard a Mickelson original.

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