Jimmy Eat World – Clarity x 10 — 03/02/2009

March 3, 2009

I had the joy of watching my all time favorite band play my all time favorite album in its entirety last night. Jimmy Eat World performed a flawless set! It had something for new and old fans alike. The sound at the Ogden was really stellar, even the opening band, Rueben’s Accomplice sounded tight. (Although I would have much preferred to see No Knife). My favorite part of the evening was Goodbye Sky Harbor. Normally they play this much shorter and rock out a bit more. Last night, they held true to the album version, looping and all! Here is the set list, and below are a few pictures and videos:


(Set list from memory)


Table for Glasses

Lucky Denver Mint

Your New Aesthetic

Believe in What You Want

A Sunday




Just Watch the Fireworks

For Me This is Heaven



Goodbye Sky Harbor



What I Would Say To You Now

No Sensitivity



The Middle




 Videos (From my little sony camera):





  1. ha ha great! i found myself and my little brother in your photos too! great show.

  2. i want to cry thinking about how intensely perfect that night would have been were i there. i’m so glad you got to go, though!

  3. great memory, brother. glad we were able to share that together!

    nice job getting those vids!

  4. this is a post full of love

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