March 12, 2009

Correct me if I’m wrong, but is the point of corporate worship at churches to be as broad-reaching as possible? It seems like everything is put together with the intent of pleasing as many different ears as possible. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think there is anything wrong with this intention or thought process, but I wonder if it’s a bit self-defeating. Rather than making something with the sole intent of marketability, shouldn’t it be just simply an organic hunger for God? In my opinion, church culture needs to change, not the art/outpouring of creativity. People need to walk through those doors and realize it’s not there to make just them happy, it’s there for community. We need to learn tolerance and selflessness I think.


Sorry if this post comes off as negative, I was just thinking about this subject, especially after this amazing weekend with DCSM. I need to examine my own heart and intentions when I go to my community. We’re all in this thing together.



  1. I love this blog entry. This is a tightrope we walk daily. It gets frustrating when people complain about this or that and miss the point of worship all together. Like we’ve said so many times before: It’s not about the song; no song or style is worthy to bring to God. It’s about the condition of your heart in worship.

  2. exactly. The thing is people confuse “it’s not about the song” with “you need to make generic music that isn’t honest because it needs to please everyone”. I am encouraged by our church and how lucky we are.

  3. I like your thoughts hear. Recently my wife and I would almost prefer to skip the “worship” part of our weekly service. Honestly, from a musician’s point of view, it’s always done well if not outstanding but it’s entirely formulaic. Too often it’s geared not towards “worshiping” as much as it is a bridge between the opening and the sermon, with a popular song thrown in to appeal(?) to non-church goers…
    That’s not adding much, but I’m glad the concept is being discussed;
    And I agree.

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