I feel it all

March 17, 2009

Tolkein once said that the most beautiful combination of words is “Cellar Door”. I have kind of come to the conclusion that I tend to view most art this way. Whether it be a movie, poem, book or album; I appreciate the way things make me feel rather than the message behind it. Perhaps this is theologically wrong. Here is a song that I don’t necessarily take anything specific from, but I love the way it makes me feel:

kyle, can i grown one? it sure takes one to know one and so on and so on and so.

on a cinderblock i’m gleaming as if inside a painting. our hearts feel open and loud.

staring at a cactus, the murder of a sunset. bleeding and seeping and mountains flattening into two dimensions how trees are black now. construction paper cut-outs: lavender to charcoal and o, stars.

colors, perfect snowflakes. the dusty light these lights make. weightless chipped pearls drunkenly float constellations where anything is possible and life is so incredible. inspiring and terrible, but mostly f*cking wonderful.

i’ll do what uncle kyle says: hug my friends and laugh until i piss my pants and stay up late and sing so loud and fall in love with everyone and everything all at once. i’ll be everywhere all at once. i’ll feel everything all at once.



  1. Thank you for not attributing that quote to Donnie Darko.


  2. haha, no problem.

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