Kentucky Parlor Pickers – Washed Away

March 30, 2009

Here is my second contribution to OurCC. This song has kind of an interesting story behind it. Al and I were jamming one night, and I told him about this song idea that had been floating through my head. I had a couple progressions, and I said I wanted to write a song about this large flood that happened in North Dakota back in the mid 90s. Together, we came up with a story about a couple that was losing everything yet re-finding each other’s love. This was the first tune that Al and I have done together. Since this, we have done a couple more that I will be sharing on here.

Click Here to Listen.


Rain pours down through plowed black dirt as roots soak up the salt.

Fingers dark under the nails my sight beings to dull.

Carpets stained with white and yellow gains my empty stare.

Man, I’ve had my share of problems, but that’s my cross to bare.

Washed away in the Red River Valley

Ever since the skies turned grey.

Washed away in the Red River Valley,

Just know that nothin’ stays the same.

Muddy water rises up and flows under my door.

My girl’s a vision like I’ve never seen before.

Tired eyes they look my way, in a silent way they say

“There’s nothin’ I can say or do, that’s gonna get us out of here”


The water quickly rises, so do the worries in my heart

I know if one of us is going to stay, the other one must go.

Take all the pictures, babe. Take all the memories.

Remember me and hold them close, remember I’m your man.

Wash my soul in the water

Cleanse my eyes that I may see.

And I know, that all the matters

Is the one thing that’s been standin’ right in front of me.

It’s the woman that’s been standing right in front of me.



  1. One day I hope to be a cool as you.

  2. haha!

  3. is it just me, or is this the most ironic song considering everything that is happening in north dakota right now? did you write this before all the flooding? you are some kind of prophet or something, josh. creeeepy. i listened to the song and it’s so great. you are a good song writer, my friend. you really are.

  4. is there flooding up there currently? There was a massive flood up there just after I moved away back in 96. It pretty much demolished the city of grand forks. Thanks for the kind words!

  5. Josh, I can’t wait to hear your song in all its glory next Wednesday! Booyah!

  6. judi, I have no clue why, but you were in my spam que! All fixed now!

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