Google Talk ministry session

August 5, 2009

I don’t know why, but I felt compelled to share this conversation with you all. I feel like it could encourage others as well.

[11:29] pinchblistering@gmail.com: man I have felt beat up spiritually lately.
[11:29] pinchblistering@gmail.com: I feel like I am spinning my tires.
[11:29] pinchblistering@gmail.com: I am trying to grow in my faith and theology, but as I develop more and more questions with vague answers, I wonder why the questions are there in the first place, ya know?
[11:30] christopher newgent: you, too?
[11:30] pinchblistering@gmail.com: it’s like we made up this god that is an image of us, and are inventing a religion as we go
[11:30] christopher newgent: it really seems that way if you look to the modern church to figure it out. i mean, the modern church thinks Jesus was a white dude.
[11:31] christopher newgent: not that you’re looking to that to figure it out, but even if you’re not, it’s hard not to at least have some of that creep in while searching, simply because that’s all you’ve known.
[11:31] pinchblistering@gmail.com: exactly…
[11:34] christopher newgent: i fell into the same trap years ago, man. and still come close to falling in now…
[11:35] pinchblistering@gmail.com: yea, it’s tough
[11:35] christopher newgent: what pulled me back to the faith though was my old pastor reminding me that really, all of those vagaries don’t really matter. there were only 3 things Jesus asks of us:
[11:35] pinchblistering@gmail.com: christianity is messy
[11:36] christopher newgent: 1) believe in Him and what He did for us.
[11:36] christopher newgent: 2) love our neighbors as ourselves.
[11:36] christopher newgent: and 3) (which i believe is actually subsumed by 2) to spread the good news of who He was and is.
[11:36] christopher newgent: hehe. humanity is messy.
[11:37] pinchblistering@gmail.com: that is so true, and oddly encouraging
[11:37] christopher newgent: those are the only 3 things Jesus specifically says to us.
[11:38] christopher newgent: whether we believe in predet or free will, the nature of heaven/hell, etc.. that’s not for us to really figure out yet.
[11:39] christopher newgent: that’s not to say that we should just remain stupid and not search, but that we should be humble enough to recognize our humanity, that we aren’t yet supposed to know what heaven looks like, or what His plan is, or if He is maybe more of a tactitian than a strategist, you know?
[11:40] pinchblistering@gmail.com: totally


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  1. cool post. thanks for sharing that! good reminders. 🙂

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