David Bazan – Live in my living room

August 26, 2009

David Bazan – House Show (4/16/09 Denver, CO)

This is the house show that was in my living room. There were approximately 50 of us huddled around David as he sang us his music. It was a really special evening that I will remember for the rest of my life.

The tracks are unmastered, so the volume is a bit low, but they sound good and convey the feel of the evening quite well. We used a Protools Digi 002 set up with a matched set of Audio Technica 4050s.  Thanks to Mark Thomas for his recording set up. Just download this file and un-zip it:



  1. Graduation
  2. Please, Baby, Please
  3. Priests and Paramedics
  4. The Man in Me (Dylan cover)
  5. Curse Your Branches
  6. Harmless Sparks Fewer Broken Pieces
  7. Transcontinental
  8. When We Fell
  9. Options
  10. Bearing Witness
  11. Weeds in the Wheat
  12. Cold Beer and Cigarettes
  13. In Stitches
  14. Hallelujah (Cohen cover)


  1. Oh thanks for sharing!!
    I was waiting for one of those shows to pop out.

    I want David to perform in my house. Feels like a dream.
    You lucky one…

  2. enjoy!

  3. Listening to it now, great quality. Thx again.

    There are a few missing tracks… 5,8,11,15 and 19
    Any chance you could upload those too?

  4. That is all of the songs. The other tracks are him talking in between. He Dave specifically asked that we not post those.

  5. Thank you for posting this, Josh.

  6. no prob nathan, you are missed on hxc.

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