Through the Pine

December 1, 2009

Morning sun lay on my brow

Shoulders heavy

Dust Bowl’s got me asking how, oh

The Earth is cracked and blistered dry

And all I see are failed attempts at

Feeding my family


In the caverns of the soul

A Love stays silent

Nothing new and nothing grown, oh

Happiness may come and disappear

But all I really care about is

Feeding my family


Secrets whispered through the pine

I am yours and you are mine


Born into her tired arms

She held me closely

Never showed his battle scars, oh

They never really had that much

But what we had was worth the cost to

Fight for our family


One comment

  1. […] Beard « Freckled Whitman Through the Pine video June 14, 2010 I posted these lyrics back in December. Well here is a video of my singing the song if you’d care to […]

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