Top 100 Albums of the Decade

December 21, 2009

I attempted to compile my top 100 albums of this decade. It’s taken me about 2 weeks to get it all together and situated properly. I tried to be objective and follow these parameters:

1. Play time / Longevity

2. Importance (personally)

3. Importance (socially)

I think this accurately represents my favorite albums of the 2000s. If anyone tells me that nothing good happened in this decade, they are severely wrong. I included a little write up on the top 10 albums, so you knew where I was coming from.

1. Pedro the Lion – Control

-This album has consistently been blowing my mind since I was 19. Lyrically, musically and sonically –it’s what I keep going back to. I know it’s an odd choice for the #1 spot on such a broad list, I really do believe it deserves it.

2. Sigur Ros – Ágætis Byrjun

– It really is just perfect. It’s hard to comprehend how they constructed this flawless record.

3. Twothirtyeight – Regulate the Chemicals

-I remember being a sophomore in highschool and my friend gave me a cassette with this on it. It didn’t leave my car until some time in my senior year. I still listen to this on a weekly basis to this day.

4. At the Drive In – Relationship of Command

-I was so confused the first time I popped this in my cd player. I didn’t understand how something could be so chaotic yet make me want to dance like this album.

5. Sigur Ros – ( )

– Another album that really changed the way I view music. Listen to this with headphones, full blast. The detail of this album is insane.

6. Rocky Votolato – Suicide Medicine

-I was 20 years old, broke and confused. This album had a huge impact on my outlook. I still put the cd in and immediately remember various parts of my life that this album has been a soundtrack to.

7. Ours – Distorted Lullabies

– Mark and I were driving home from some lame show in rural Colorado. We listened to “Medication” off this album. I had never heard a voice as talented as Gnecco’s. Beautiful/Haunting melodies and insane talent.

8. This Bright Apocalypse – Motion and Rest

-Wait, who is this band? T.B.A. was one of the first shows I ever attended when I lived in Wisconsin. I’ve seen a lot of concerts in my day, and I still contend that they put on one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. They released this album after I had moved to Colorado and in a way, I had forgotten about them. My friend told me I need to check it out. So I ordered the CD from some distro and was completely blown away. If Sinead O’Connor made a post-Hardcore album, this is what it would sound like. haha

9. Sunny Day Real Estate – The Rising Tide

The best recorded drums I have ever heard. Enigk’s vocals are insanely inspiring. Incredible progressions. ‘Nuff said

10. The Appleseed Cast – Low Level Owl (I & II)

-Highly influential to me, personally. The vocals are hidden way back in the mix. The guitars are huge. The drumming is perfect. Do want!

11. Explosions in the Sky – The Earth is Not a Dead Cold Place

12. Wilco – Yankee Hotel Foxtrot

13. Ryan Adams – Love is Hell

14. Unwed Sailor – The Faithful Anchor

15. Radiohead – Kid A

16. Starflyer 59 – Leave Here a Stranger

17. Beck – Sea Change

18. The Decemberists – Castaways and Cutouts

19. Wilco – Yankee Hotel Foxtrot

20. Old Crow Medicine Show – O.C.M.S.

21. Glassjaw – Worship and Tribute

22. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Howl

23. Radiohead – In Rainbows

24. David Bazan – Curse Your Branches

25. Jimmy Eat World – Bleed American

26. Deathcab for Cutie – Transatlanticism

27. The Gloria Record – Start Here

28. The Avett Brothers – Emotionalism

29. Iron and Wine – Our Endless Numbered Days

30. This Will Destroy You – Young Mountain

31. Kent – Vapen & Ammunition

32. Bonnie Prince Billy & Matt Sweeney –Superwolf

33. Radiohead – Amnesiac

34. …And you will knows us by the trail of dead – Worlds Apart

35. Jeremy Enigk – World Waits

36. Rocky Votolato – Makers

37. Mew – And the Glass Handed Kites

38. Hank Williams III – Straight to Hell

39. Spiritualized – Let it Come Down

40. Bruce Springsteen – The Rising

41. Anathallo – Floating World

42. Fleet Foxes – s/t

43. Dr. Dre – 2001

44. Ryan Adams – Heartbreaker

45. Godspeed You Black Emperor! – Lift Your Skinny Fists like Antennas to Heaven

46. Spoon – Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga

47. Denison Witmer – Are You a Dreamer?

48. Converge – Jane Doe

49. Mogwai – Rock Action

50. Broken Social Scene – You Forgot It in People

51. Coldplay – Parachutes

52. Wovenhand – Mosaic

53. Asobi Seksu – Citrus

54. Jose Gonzalez – Veneer

55. Boris – Akuma No Uta

56. Oasis – Heathen Chemistry

57. Josh Ritter – The Animal Years

58. Pedro the Lion – Winners Never Quit

59. My Morning Jacket – Z

60. Engine Down – Demure

61. Blindside – A Thought Crushed My Mind

62. Isis – Panopticon

63. Horse Feathers – House with No Name

64. Sufjan Stevens – Greetings from Michigan: The Great Lakes State

65. Blonde Redhead – 23

66. M. Ward – Post War

67. Saves the Day – Stay What You Are

68. Jack Rose – Kensington Blues

69. The Album Leaf – In a Safe Place

70. The National – Boxer

71. Damien Jurado – Where Shall You Take Me?

72. Further Seems Forever – How to Start a Fire

73. Fugazi – The Argument

74. Mewithoutyou – Brother, Sister

75. Martyrdod – In Extremis

76. Johnny Cash – American IV – The Man Comes Around

77. Foo Fighters – One by One

78. Muse – Absolution

79. Bleach – Astonomy

80. AA Bondy – American Hearts

81. Sun Kil Moon – Ghosts of the Great Highway

82. Jason Anderson – New England

83. Karate – Unsolved

84. Mono – Hymn to the Immortal Wind

85. Stars – Set Yourself on Fire

86. Papa M – Whatever, Mortal

87. Travis – The Invisible Band

88.  Bonnie “Prince” Billy – I See a Darkness

89. Songs: Ohia – Ghost Tropic

90. Denali – s/t

91. Queens of the Stone Age – Songs for the Deaf

92. Derek Webb – She Must and Shall Go Free

93. Silversun Pickups – Swoon

94. Career Suicide – s/t

95. Park – It Won’t Snow Where You’re Going

96. Antony & the Johnsons – I Am a Bird Now

97. Further Seems Forever – The Moon is Down

98. Sufjan Stevens – Illinois

99. Wolves in the Throne Room – Two Hunters

100. Koufax – It Had to Do With Love



  1. 12 and 19… Ahem.

    My main complaint is that Absolution should be in the top 20 at least.

    There’s a lot on here I’ve never heard.

  2. Absolution is insanely talented, but it’s not an album that I consistently go back to. Im trying to fix the wilco thing

  3. I could only get to #85…http://unclee.wordpress.com/2009/11/10/uncle-es-top-85-albums-of-the-past-decade/

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